Call for action: No Association with Occupation!

This summer, Israel carried out a deadly massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. More than 2,000 people were killed as Israel deliberately targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure.

More than 300 trade unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations from across Europe have called on the EU to end its support for Israel’s crimes, including by suspending the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

The EU-Israel Association Agreement is the main framework for the very close relationship between the EU and Israel. It grants Israel preferential access to European markets, allows Israeli ministries and weapons companies to receive EU funding and provides Israel with the political support it needs to carry out its crimes.

By allowing the agreement to remain in place despite Israel’s persistent war crimes, the EU is sending a clear message to Israel that its massacres of Palestinians will be tolerated.

You can find more information about the EU-Israel Association Agreement here

Take action now: Urge your MEP to call for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement!

Please visit our campaign website and select your country to find your MEP’s.

It’s time to act now!