EU must stop using Israel’s killer drones says European civil society organisations

Dozens of European civil society and migrants organisations says no to the EU use of Israel’s killer drone.

As Israel’s military with its airforce, missiles and drones has already killed 34 Palestinians in another brutal assault on the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip, 32 European Palestine solidarity and migrants organisations call on the EU and its agencies to stop contracting Israeli drones and military companies in order to implement its inhuman anti-migration policies.

„ Israel has become one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of «combat-tested» drones, meaning that equipment produced by Israeli military and security companies has been used, for example, in the occupation of the West Bank or the besieged Gaza.” – the letter reads.

„The financing of these companies with EU funds, directly or indirectly, and in particular through CEiiA, contributes to Israel’s ability to commit war crimes and serious violations of human rights and international law. The use of military drones such as the Hermes 900 by EMSA and Frontex is part of a highly contested policy to militarise borders and migration policies.” the signatories of the letter says.

The list of signatories include CGT (Confederación General del Trabajo) trade union from Spain, Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East from Germany, and Caravana Mingranti from Italy among others.

Read the full letter here