Covid-19 in Israel and Palestine: no to health apartheid

In the current pandemic period, the State of Israel is sometimes presented as exemplary in terms of vaccination. Yet it leaves the Palestinian population of the territory it occupies in the West Bank and Gaza without health care and vaccines, as well as a significant part of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem, while providing these services to the inhabitants of the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. 

We do not accept this situation of health apartheid, just as we reject the policy of colonization, occupation, blockade and apartheid that Israel is inflicting on the Palestinian people. Israel, which is still the occupying power, must provide the population it occupies with vaccines in the same quantity and quality as its own population, as well as the equipment for testing, protection, care (medicines and oxygen) at same level as the Israeli population. And Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons must be protected in the same way. 

We call on the European Union to firmly remind Israel of its obligations, under international law as an occupying power, in the area of ​​health, and to suspend its cooperation with Israel until these obligations are fulfilled. 

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