MEPs call for urgent action on the case of Mohammed al-Qeeq – Palestinian political prisoner on hunger strike since 90 days.

On February 22nd Parliamentary Delegation for Relations with Palestine organised an emergency session called to address the case of imprisoned Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq on his 90th day of hunger strike.

The session was chaired by MEP Margrete Auken of Denmark; the chair of the delegation is MEP Martina Anderson of Ireland. The delegation traveled to Palestine on 8-12 February; the detention of Palestinian prisoners was one of the key issues explored in meetings with human rights organizations and officials.

Charlotte Kates and Mohammed Khatib from Samidoun – Palestinian Prisoner Support Network addressed the current situation of al-Qeeq, the origins of administrative detention in Palestine and the case of Omar Nayef Zayed, former Palestinian prisoner currently threatened with extradition from Bulgaria, as an urgent case of a Palestinian facing imprisonment with the full involvement of an EU member state.

Several members of Parliament emphasized the importance of taking urgent action on the case of al-Qeeq as his life is threatened at any time, including calling upon the European Commission to take substantive actions.

More information: Samidoun – Palestinian Prisoner Support Network