New EU Funding To Elbit – Securing Apartheid In Palestine And Beyond

Stop The Wall prepared a briefing that marks another step in the effort to stop the EU’s funding to Israeli military and security companies. It denounces the financial assistance awarded within the framework of the Horizon2020 research and development funding scheme of the EU to Elbit Systems and other Israeli military companies through FLYSEC, an airport security project.

The briefing highlights the three-fold impact this may have on the EU.

1. The EU continues to support entities involved in grave violations of international law and human rights. It runs counter the widespread call for a military embargo on Israel and its military and security industry.

2. Through the new funding for Elbit and other Israeli military companies, the almost inevitably EU profits from Israel’s violations of international law and human rights and the technology developed to implement them.

3. The investment on a new system based on ethnic profiling would compromise EU principles on human rights, without assuring a higher level of security. It runs counter to practices such as the decision of the Stockholm, Malmo and Copenhagen airports to refuse Israeli ‘security’ procedures to occur on their airports.

The combination of the three aspects is highly problematic: Does the EU support the maintenance of the Israeli military-industrial complex and its violations of international law and human rights by importing the Israel ‘security’ system based on ethnic profiling and known for being highly discriminatory?


Read the full briefing here