European Complicity With Israel’s Violations of Human Rights: The Case of G4S

G4S is the biggest security company in the world. With its operation and partial ownership of Israel’s National Police Academy and the training it provides to the Israeli police, G4S is deeply complicit in Israel’s illegal and violent repression of Palestinians.

In 2015, the company won a contract from the European Commission and has since become the largest provider of security services for the EU and its institutions. In Belgium, where most of the European Commission buildings are located, they were awarded around €37m for six contracts in 2018. The €37m covers guard services, surveillance, access control and other services and spans some 70 buildings in Brussels. In 2019 G4S had secured a four-year contract to provide fire safety and external surveillance at the European Parliament.

It is unacceptable for the European Institutions to have contractual relations with a firm that is engaged in providing support for activities that constitute violations of international law and have many times been condemned by the international community and the EU itself, which called “on Israel to fully respect international humanitarian law as well as its human rights obligations towards all prisoners, also in light of the Fourth Geneva Convention”

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